Free Powerpoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Download Free PowerPoint Backgrounds to create stunning presentations. Here, you can download the perfect PPT background that will match any presentation you are about to begin, like education, business, construction, real estate, etc.
Give your presentation a converging effect with free google backgrounds. Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used presentation tool but offers only limited presentation templates. Being a business professional, you should always be stocked up with the best PowerPoint designs. Finding the best one-stop store for Free PowerPoint backgrounds can really be an onerous task. Here is all in one solution for your PowerPoint needs. we offer the best collection of PowerPoint backgrounds with attractive layouts & designs that presenter can use to impress the audience.

Free Authorization Letter Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

What if you aren’t available in a place to take some decision or perform an action? It’s where an authorization letter is helpful. So, what is an authorization letter? A letter of authoriz

Free Empathy Map Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Do you know what’s the secret behind a successful business? The secret mantra of a successful business is a deeper understanding of customer needs. With our free empathy map template, individual

Free Animated Guardians of the Galaxy Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Love watching superhero watching?  Or just a Marvel fan? Then this free animated Guardians of the Galaxy template is perfect for you. The design, colour scheme and animations are so interesting that

Free Missing Milk Carton Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Looking for some meme templates to add flair to your presentation?  Then get this free missing milk carton. Early in 1980’S, milk cartons in the United States used to display images of missing chil

Free School Timetable Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Are you a teacher or a student who wants to be organized? Then this free school timetable is perfect for you. With this creative school timetable, get organized for the new academic year so you never

Free Mothers Love Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Mother’s love is pure and divine; there’s only a mother whose love is unconditional, never dies and constantly keeps growing daily. It’s the greatest blessing for a child by God. Show your l

Free Stress Management Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Are you aware of the effects of stress on health? Stress can adversely impact health, such as blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Excessive stress can also lead to heart failure. So,

Free Animated Its a Boy Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Having a baby is an auspicious time in the life of a family. Celebrate the joyous arrival of a precious baby boy with our delightful Its a Boy template. This enchanting design is the perfect way to an

Free Google Slides Cyberbullying PowerPoint Template

Cyberbullying is a serious concern that has devastating consequences. It can also lead to adverse health affects such as depression, anxiety and even suicide. Get this free cyberbullying template and

Free Google Slides Bullying PowerPoint Template

Bullying is a serious concern that results in mental problems, stress & suicide throughout the world. It’s a prevalent social issue that affects individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and communi

Our library offers multiple PowerPoint free background templates for presentation on business growth, strategic planning, geography, education, and other related topics which you may need to draft a presentation. The world of presentation is vibrant. A presenter may need to be unique and innovative while preparing a presentation. This is where our free PowerPoint background library turns to be your ideal library. We have a diverse collection of background templates which can easily accommodate almost every presentation theme. Expertly designed these templates are crafted in a way that your concepts easily get imprinted in the minds of the audience. All these PowerPoint backgrounds are designed using PowerPoint vectors which allows full customization of the appearance of the template. So why to waste on designing template from scratch. Simply download these free PowerPoint templates, polish it, and you are ready with ultimate presentation.