Free Powerpoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Download Free PowerPoint Backgrounds to create stunning presentations. Here, you can download the perfect PPT background that will match any presentation you are about to begin, like education, business, construction, real estate, etc.
Give your presentation a converging effect with free google backgrounds. Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used presentation tool but offers only limited presentation templates. Being a business professional, you should always be stocked up with the best PowerPoint designs. Finding the best one-stop store for Free PowerPoint backgrounds can really be an onerous task. Here is all in one solution for your PowerPoint needs. we offer the best collection of PowerPoint backgrounds with attractive layouts & designs that presenter can use to impress the audience.

Free Flight Route World Map Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

The flight route map has been a boon for the pilots. This free flight route world map template has a flight route with a start point and dash line trace. Using this flight route map, you can study fli

Free World Map Outline Simple Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

If you are an entrepreneur if might have dreamt of expanding your business globally. A successful business doesn’t limitize its business to business to a specific country. Rather they look for o

Free Rain World Map Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

The world climate has changed tremendously due to global warming. Some areas of the world experience drought, while others face floods. Use this rain world map template to discuss rainfall scale world

Free Weather Forecast World Map Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Weather forecasting helps farmers, navigators, soldiers, and pilots in multiple ways. If you’re working in an industry where weather report plays a prominent role. Then try using this free weath

Free Gender Ratio World Map Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

According to World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap report, it was reported it would take 135.6 years for the gap to close on its current trajectory. Use this free gender ratio map templa

Free Vintage World Map Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Geography classes often tend to be boring. But not now; make your next session interesting with this free vintage world map template. This world map comes in a light brown background with GPS icons po

Free Colorful World Map Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

A winning presentation is what instantly grabs the attention of the audience. Start your presentation with a free colorful world map template that showcases your information in the best light possible

Free iPhone Message Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

If you are looking for gadgets that make you look stylish and reliable, then Apple is just for you. And if you want to exhibit your client’s requirements or appreciation messages exclusively, tr

Free Phone Message Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Why do we need to send messages? Messaging is pivotal for sending crucial messages and interacting with friends, colleagues, and clients. There are numerous ways to interact; emails, phone calls, zoom

Free Blank Text Message Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

We all love sending messages to our loved ones. Now text message has become the new form of communication. Electronic media has given a boost to texting. Many messaging apps are being launched with ex

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