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Free National Yoga Month Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Today we all are stressed out, exhausted and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Doing yoga is the best way to relax and give the needed rest. National yoga month is observed every year in September. This

Free Black History Month Google Slides Template PowerPoint

This year let’s celebrate Black history month in style and honour our African American friends with this free black history month Google slides template PowerPoint. Pay tribute, share thoughts,

Free National Ice Cream Month Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Imagine it’s summer days, and the temperature outside is 134 ⁰ F. You would have wished to take a dip in a swimming pool, lake or ocean to cool off a beat the heat or have a scoop of your favourit

Free LGBT Pride Month Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Looking for the perfect template to support the LGBT community this pride month? This pride month, let’s reshape how the community sees the LBGT. Let’s join together and build an inclusive, em

Free Google Slides Child Abuse Prevention Month Template PowerPoint

More than 600000 children are abused each year in US & approx. Approx 5 children die every day because of child abuse. So it’s a serious matter of concern. On the month of Child Abuse Prevention

Free Google Slides National Stroke Awareness Month Template PowerPoint

May month is also observed as National Stroke Awareness Month. Every 3.5 minutes, somebody dies from a stroke. So during this month of Stroke awareness, get this free National Stroke Awareness templat

Free Mental Health Awareness Month Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Mental health is wealth; mental health is important as it increases one’s sense of inner peace and clarity of thought, boosts self-esteem, and improvises interactions. We want the recognize the bitt