Free 50th Birthday Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

  • 50th birthday template
  • Golden 50th Birthday template


  • 50th birthday template
  • Golden 50th Birthday template

About the Template

Glamorous 50th Birthday Celebration Template

Download this Happy 50th Birthday template for PowerPoint and Google Sides and create a presentation that’s as special as your birthday.

Turning 50 is a great achievement, you have learned a lot, achieved a lot in life. It’s a momentous occasion, a golden milestone that deserves a celebration.

Whether you want a classic or elegant birthday poster, or a warm and nostalgic journey down memory lane, then this golden jubilee birthday template is perfect for you.

This birthday template is fully customizable template, eliminating  hassle of crafting a heartfelt and engaging slideshow.

Get this 50th Birthday template and pop the champagne corks, and get ready to celebrate birthday in style with these happy birthday templates!

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