Free Influenza Avian Virus PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  • Avian Influenza virus template
  • Influenza avian virus
  • Bird Flu Influenza Virus template


  • Avian Influenza virus template
  • Influenza avian virus
  • Bird Flu Influenza Virus template

About the Template

Bird Flu Avian Influenza Presentation Slides

Get this free Avian Influenza flu presentation template and give your audience a better understanding of the Influenza avian virus. Its just been few years, as the world was battling against the deadly Covid 19 pandemic, another virus cases is emerging – Avian Influenza Virus, a bird flu which was discovered in 1996.

It was spread in several countries. It’s a type of bird flu, which causes respiratory illness in birds caused by inflection with type A Influenza viruses. Spread of Avian Influenza in human is very low. According to report by WHO, since 2003, 463 deaths from 889 cases has been reported. Recently, Avian Influenza occurred in Texas, USA was linked to exposure to infected dairy cattle.

With this Bird Flu ppt, create an informative presentation about spreading virus, causes, impact of humans, symptoms, and preventive measures. Whether you’re addressing doctors, healthcare professionals or farm workers, or any audience, this template will help you to educate them on the outbreak of the virus in clear and informative way.

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