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Free Google Slides Brush Stroke Background Template PowerPoint

Eye catching brush stroke background
Eye catching brush stroke background

Great content or idea is worthless if it isn’t exhibited using great visuals. Captivating visuals is what draws the audience.

Looking for ways to add some texture or artistic touch to your presentation? Then use these brush stroke background Google slides and PowerPoint templates. The brush background template comes in 10 variations with different textures like watercolour, oil paint, etc. The template uses modern design and vibrant colours that make your project stand out. So get this brushstroke PowerPoint and start experimenting by adding text, logos, images and creating an original work of art.

If you looking for more cool backgrounds then check out our awesome Free Background gallery. 

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu is a copywriter who loves to tune into what makes people tick. He believes in presenting his ideas with flair and wit, which has made him an expert at standing on stage and charming the pants off of any audience he's faced with. Priyanshu lives for learning as much as he can, so if you ever need help understanding something - just ask!

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