Free Creative Iceberg Funnel Diagram PowerPoint & Google Slides

  • creative iceberg funnel template
  • dark iceberg funnel diagram


  • creative iceberg funnel template
  • dark iceberg funnel diagram

About the Template

Want to make your business representation look stylish and informative? Then try out this cool free creative iceberg funnel diagram template and craft an interpretive presentation on different business concepts.

This iceberg slide is a powerful diagram that can be used for multiple purposes, such as business development, academic learning, scientific research, etc.

The iceberg demonstrates the phenomenon of the amount of hard work and struggles visible to others Vs. Did. Like the real iceberg, which is around 70% under the surface. Using this, you can demonstrate short details of a vast project.

This free iceberg funnel diagram is called creative as it features an iceberg above the surface and a funnel designed in iceberg style below the surface. It’s a unique diagram that will surely catch the audience’s eyeballs.

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