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  • evolution of human template
  • dark theme evolution of human template


  • evolution of human template
  • dark theme evolution of human template

About the Template

You would be amazed to know when the first human was made on earth. The oldest skeleton discovered of our species homo sapiens is about 3000000 years old. The evolution of humans is an interesting story to listen to. Explore the remarkable journey of human evolution through the ages on our Free Evolution of Human infographics template. Uncover the captivating story of how our species has transformed over millions of years, from humble beginnings to the complex and diverse beings we are today.

Delve into the scientific discoveries, fossil records, and anthropological insights that shed light on the intricate process of adaptation, innovation, and survival that has shaped Homo sapiens into the dominant species on Earth. This evolution of human infographics template showcases 6 stages of human evolution. This evolution template is available in dark and white background.

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