Free Google Slides Ladder Infographic Template PowerPoint

  • free ladder infographic template
  • dark theme ladder infographic template


  • free ladder infographic template
  • dark theme ladder infographic template

About the Template

A text-heavy presentation is often boring. But compelling visuals can turn your boring presentations into interesting ones that draw your audience’s attention. So here we have a colourful free ladder infographic template.

To achieve something, you need to follow certain steps to help you follow the roadmap to success so you don’t miss out on any crucial steps; here, we have a free ladder infographic template.

This ladder SmartArt template features a ladder motif running vertically through a colourful wall. In addition, the wall is painted in 5 different colours representing a specific stage or a level.

With a sleek and modern design, this ladder infographic template represents hierarchical information, step-by-step processes, a roadmap to success, etc.

For more visually appealing smart arts, check our Free Infographic templates library.

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