Free Tour De France Presentation PowerPoint Template 

  • Le Tour De France Template
  • About Tour De France
  • Tour De France Jerseys
  • Tour de france 2024 map
  • Tour De France teams


  • Le Tour De France Template
  • About Tour De France
  • Tour De France Jerseys
  • Tour de france 2024 map
  • Tour De France teams

About the Template

Editable Tour De France Presentation Template

Download this free Tour De France presentation PowerPoint template and Google Slides and get ready for the world’s most prestigious cycling race event in the world. 

If you’re tour de France fan or sports enthusiasts, then this sports template is packed with stunning events visuals and informative content. Ready to take your audience to thrilling ride through the iconic race

Who Should Download this La Tour De France Slides

This La Tour De France template is perfect for anyone who want to add magic of iconic bicycle race to their presentation. 

  • Bicycle Enthusiast – This sports design is perfect for bicycle enthusiast who want to show their passion for the sports and impress the fellow riders, highlight route map, important dates, cycle dynamics. 
  • Educators – If you’re sports coach or giving a lessons on icons events, this Tour de France template and help you present your idea with style. 
  • Business Professionals – If you’re a sports retailer, then with this dynamic template show your business statistics, market area or share. 

Features of Tour De France Template

  • Easily Editable – This pre-designed sports template is easily editable, making it easier for user to showcase race route breakdowns, team profiles, team strategies.
  • High Quality Graphics – Enhance your presentation with Tour De France template. The template uses high quality graphics, colorful maps.
  • This sports template is easily compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. 

If you’re sports enthusiast, sports supplier or a coach, then don’t miss to check our Free Sports Templates library.

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