What is Google Slides and What is Google Slides used for

What is Google Slides and What it is used for

If you’re here, then you might be looking for best Google Slides or just want to learn more about this powerful tool. And we are sure, you have used Google Slides for your presentation before. But do you know what is this presentation tool? And what it is used for?

If you might have asked, what is Google Slides? What is it used for? It seems to be a difficult question to answer. Don’t worry, our blog will do it for you. So you won’t have any doubt again.

What is Google Slides?

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When is comes about best presentation software, Google Slides is the titan for creating presentation. Google Slides, a web-based application developed as part of Google Drive office suite. Its isn’t just a simple presentation tool, it’s a gateway to dynamic presentation, using it users can create compelling presentation online and offline.

Unlike other presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva, PowToon. Google Slides comes with added bonus of continuous editing even without an internet connection.

Using Google Slides is all free, all you need is a Google account to embark on your presentation journey.

Google Slides Definition

‘’ An Online presentation tool, that’s allows easy access, edits, and seamless collaboration.’’ Would be a great simplistic definition for Google Slides

It works similarly like other presentation tool, just only in Cloud. Slides by Google Slides can be edited online and offline.

Moreover, you create one from scratch, edit previously designed templates or can also find pre-designed templates over net. I would suggest try our Free Google Slides templates library.

What is Google Slides used for?

If you are looking for easy to use presentation software, with ample features then Google Slides will be your stellar choice. Other than being a presentation companion in creating a impressive presentations. Google Slides have countless advantages.

One of the most prominent advantages that’s differs Google Slides from other presentation software is that its cloud-based, meaning you can access and edit slides at Google Slides from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Additionally, Google Slides allows seamless real-time collaboration with team-mates and colleagues, making it to work on group projects, assignment & presentation.

What is Slide in Google Slides

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Till now, you might be well-versed with What is Google Slides And What it is used for? Let dive into technical aspects. Slides in Google Slides is like a workbook, where you can edit, put text, images, transitions and turn into meaningful content.

What makes Google Slides better than PowerPoint?

Google Slides Vs PowerPoint

First task, when you are assigned to give a presentation, is choosing the best presentation software that aligns best with user’s requirements.

Google Slides is best suited if your project requires collaboration and need to be viewed online. Moreover, it’s a Cloud based application, which means presentation can be accessed from anywhere and from any device with just an internet connection.

Finally, the biggest advantage of using Google Slides is cost effectiveness. Using Google Slides doesn’t cost anything and preferred by most individuals and businesses who trying to save money on presentation software’s.


Best Google Slides Templates you Shouldn’t Miss in 2024

Now you have mastered in Google Slides knowledge. So next time while creating a presentation using Google Slides and create a presentation that captivates your audience. Also dont miss to check out our Video on best Google Slides Templates you shouldn’t miss in 2024

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