Best Free Editable Timeline Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

best timeline PowerPoint presentation template

Ever Struggled to keep track of events, achievement or milestone in your presentation? Timeline templates are incredible tool to visually organize information in chronological order, ensuring your audience effortlessly follows the flow of your topic, from beginning to end.

At SlideChef’s free timeline templates library, you get easy to customize template, using which you can showcase sequences of events involved in planning, production, decision making, project management, etc. in visually appealing style. 

Top Free Timeline PPT & Google Slides 

Five Year Timeline Plan – Free PowerPoint Infographic and Google Slides

5 year timeline template

First in our list, created by our own creative team, Free 5 Year Plan Timeline Design. This timeline slide is perfect for project managers, business analysts to highlight business mission, strategies to achieve target or business growth. This diagram shows your potential investors, clients how close and confident you’re to achieve targets. 

Rocket Timeline Infographics 

Rocket timeline template

Rocket is a great metaphor for growth and progress. Use this Rocket templates to showcase your business strategies, plans, ideas that can boost your business in a creative style. 

Creative Star Wars Timeline Template

star wars movie timeline template

Are you a movie buff or just want to just to highlight key points creatively in a chronological order, then this creative Star Wars design timeline will be your great choice. 

This Star Wars theme template comes in dark theme making your template look attention grabber. 

Are you a movie buff or just want to just to highlight key points creatively in a chronological order, then this creative Star Wars design timeline will be your great choice. This Star Wars theme template comes in dark theme making your template look attention grabber. 

12 Month Free PowerPoint Timeline Template 

12 Month timeline template

Plan your year ahead with this 12 month timeline presentation template. This simple timeline template gives an overview of your 12 month planning, strategies, etc. If you’re project manager involved in project planning or a entrepreneur planning for business growth , then this simple timeline template is your perfect option.

Free Moving Timeline Presentation Template 


Got bored of traditional timelines, then say Goodbye to boring infographics, with this Free Moving Timeline presentation template. Use this infographic diagram to project your project phases, product journey, etc. dynamically. 

Wedding Event Timeline Template

wedding reception timeline template

Wedding is most memorable event in one’s life. And it includes various celebrations in which you want  your family and friends. Design an interesting wedding calendar with this wedding event timeline template. List our important events with time, dress code, so no one misses enjoying it. 

Business Timeline Presentation Template

business timeline template

Keeping track of business activities can be a tedious task. Managing project deadlines, its status, project milestones, seems to be challenging. With this simple timeline for your business track progressions with ease. Moreover a rocket illustration is added which exactly shows your progression and how close are you to reach the target. 

Love Story Timeline Slide Templates

Free love story timeline template

Want to surprise your partner on anniversary, or share your love story with friends? Then our Love Story Timeline Slide Template can help you in sharing the cherishing moments of love and togetherness in a romantic and interesting style. 

Interactive Timeline Diagram 

Why use usual boring timelines, when you got interactive timeline diagram, now showcase data in chronological order with interactive designs. This interactive designs make your presentation look more interesting and dynamic. 

Blank Timeline Template 

Blank Timeline

This blank timeline presentation  template provides a versatile and customizable blank timeline so you can easily add  your project milestones, historical events, or any sequence of information.

Building a timeline from scratch can be tricky, especially without experience. But fear not! Here’s a look at the best timeline designs, including the top PowerPoint templates and Google Slides currently available in 2024.

Why Timeline Templates Are Crucial?

Timelines aren’t just arrangements of shapes strung together. Timeline infographics are powerful tools that transform raw data into a captivating narrative.

By visualizing events chronologically, timelines weave a clear story, highlighting the flow of information, keeping your audience engaged throughout the presentation. 

 In presentation world, timelines can map out project phases, historical events, project milestones, complex processes, ensuring everyone’s on the same page about key steps and deadlines.

In educational presentations, timeline infographic can bring history to life, allowing students to grasp the flow of events and understand the cause-and-effect relationships that shape the world around them.

What Makes SlideChef’s Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides Different? 

  • Visual Storytelling: Enhance your storytelling with this timeline PPT. Don’t settle with basic diagrams. Go beyond basic lines and arrows. Our Timeline PPT templates offers a variety of engaging design elements to turn your timeline into a visually captivating story.
  • Flexibility for Any Topic: This creative timeline are multi-purpose. Whether you’re charting historical events, a product roadmap, or a personal journey, this timeline templates adapts to your content with ease. Its an essential tool for project management, project planning. showcasing processes in chronological order, etc
  • Customization Power: Don’t settle for a generic look. Our template empowers you to personalize colors, fonts, and icons to perfectly match your brand or presentation style.
  • Easily Customizable: This timeline template are 100 % editable. Making customization super-easy. 

Who Should Download these Timeline PowerPoint Template 

These Timeline Google Slides and PowerPoint Template are perfect for multipurpose use. From businesses, education to medical timeline infographics are perfect for everything. 

  • Presenters: Captivate your audience attention with timeline template PowerPoint that visually guides your audience through complex processes, historical events, product roadmaps, or personal journeys.
  • Educators: 
  • Bring history to life for students! Timelines make it easy to understand the flow of events and highlight cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Marketers: Showcase your product development or campaign timeline, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.
  • Project Managers: Ensure everyone on your team is on the same page by creating a clear visual representation of project milestones and deadlines.
  • Students: Organize research findings, historical events, or personal development goals in a visually appealing way.

Basically, if you need to tell a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end, Slidechef’s timeline infographic template can help you do it effectively and engagingly. 

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