Free Timelines PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Want to showcase your data, milestone, events, or steps in a chronological order, then download these free timeline presentation templates.


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With these timelines you can make data-visualization more systematic. It doesn’t matter what project you’re handing, whether its planning or managing with this free timeline PowerPoint templates and Google Slides you always stay on track. All these templates are 100% customizable, so you can make edits effortlessly.

Enhance Data Representation with our Free Timeline PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes

Do you want to turn your boring timeline presentations into interesting visual stories? Data-representation in presentation seems boring & oftentimes presenters use outdated PowerPoint diagrams. To help you out here we have exceptional selection of free timeline infographics which can add magic to your presentations. Level up your storytelling with these timeline designs.

Why Do You Need Timelines?

Timelines aren’t just a diagram to help you visualize sequence of events. Using these diagrams, you can give a vivid picture of project status, business processes, even personal growth. Using free timeline diagrams complex data becomes more digestible and easily retainable by audience.

Why Should You Download Our Timeline Templates?

At SlideChef, we understand, ‘’How crucial is a presentation?’’, So we believe every presenter deserves a tool that elevates presentations. Here are the reasons why should you get these timelines –

  • Creative Designs: Our timelines are just simple diagrams, with just shapes and text boxes. Our creative designers have crafted unique designs, that will definitely capture audience attention and impress them.
  • Diverse Topics: Our templates aren’t just specific to business presentation. Our selection includes Love story timeline templates, wedding timeline, Colorful timeline, so presenters from every domain can use these designs.
  • Easy to Customize: Being creative our designs are editable too. So you can tweak the designs, alter color, add details and personalize the template according to presentation needs.

Diverse Selection of Timeline Template Slides for Every Needs

These days, everyone gives presentations, from business folks sharing ideas to students presenting projects. That’s why SlideChef has crafted timeline designs for everyone.

  • Business Timelines: Looking for sophisticated business diagram, then our selection has got array of business timelines, perfect to make your next presentation standout.
  • Education Timeline: Our library has also got education timeline template, so you present project in a detailed way. Ensuring you create a clear and impactful delivery.
  • Relationship Timeline Template: Want to win love of your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, then try our free love story timeline template and show your love journey to your partner in a romantic style.

Who says free templates are boring? At SlideChef, discover premium timeline templates available for free. You won’t need to loosen your pockets to create a winning presentation.

Our Free Google Slides Timeline Template PowerPoint is the perfect tool to help you present your data with professionalism and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a good timeline in PowerPoint?

Creating a timeline in PowerPoint isn’t easy. If you aren’t a designer, you can just create a limited variation of timelines. Also, the timelines you create using ‘’Smartart’’ option in PowerPoint looks dull.

That’s we suggest using our Free Timeline PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides. Here in this selection, you will find amazing premium quality timeline slide.

Is PowerPoint Timeline free?

Many websites, such as Slidebazaar, Slidekit, and Slideheap, offer timelines at a minimal cost.


If you're seeking free designs without compromising on quality, we have some amazing options for you.

What is a Timeline?

Timelines are the diagrams that represent events, processes in a chronological order, exactly in the sequence in they occurred. It helps the viewers to interpret the relationship between each events.

Where can I find a timeline template?

We believe every presenter deserves the best presentation tools. If you're looking for top-notch timeline diagrams without loosen your wallet, then SlideChef's free timeline PowerPoint templates are the perfect choice.

Are you looking for Custom Presentation Template Designs?

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