Best Free Google Slides Certificate Templates (Worth Checking Out)

We all in life have achieved several types of certificates, whether it’s a certification for scoring 1st place in school quiz, winning a competition at college, or just completing a course. Certificates are signs of achievement, dedication, hard work.

 With the desire to achieve a successful career, everyone remains anxious about gathering certificates and spend money, devote years, spends several sleepless nights to clear exams and earn certifications.   

Certificates are attested documents, degrees, appreciation, or any credentials that we get from school, colleges, or any institute after completion of any course or winning competition.

Free Google Slides Certificate Templates to Download 

Whenever an individual looks at the wall or biodata and sees the certificate, they will surely be proud of your achievements. Certificates are achievements for a lifetime. Make the certificates catchier and enticing and reward the achievers by giving them these cool designs. 

Whether you need to make a certificate for a student’s graduation, a sport’s team winning a tournament, or just to appreciate an employee for best performance, you will find these award certificate templates perfect for any occasion. These cool award themes in our selection are perfect for congratulating the individuals, motivating them always to perform outstandingly, and encouraging them to strive for excellence.  

If you are limited with the budget, I have discussed some of the best premium quality free certificate Google slide themes.  

Free Certificate Google Slides Templates and PowerPoint

Free certificate google slides templates and Powerpoint

If you are looking for certificates for school diploma, graduation, sports competition, or just an employee of the month award these Free Certificate Google Slides Templates and PowerPoint can be your ultimate choice. The dark blue color background with a golden frame makes the certificate look royal.

Free Award Certificate Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint

free award certificate google slides template

Praise the winners or those who deserve it with these personalized free award certificate templates. Use these templates to craft certificates for appreciation, recognition, leadership, achievement, etc. These free award certificate Google slides templates will surely add life to your idea.

Free Google Slides Certificate Templates

Free certificate template google slides

 This free Google slides certificate template by Slidechef is surely going to strike the eyeballs of the audience and captivate their interest. The blend of maroon and burgundy colors with golden fonts and stripes makes the certificates look attractive and remarkable. This pleasing certificate is a perfect feast for the eyes.     

Google Slides Certificate Templates

free google slides certificate templates

Reward those who have earned it. With these free Google slides certificate templates, appreciate your hard-working employees, outstanding performer, or exemplary student with a certification created using these free award certificate templates. It’s a simplistic design with white background and designer background that’s really quick to download and use.   

Mutural Certificate Free Google Slides – Slidesgo

Free certificate template for Google

This Mutural Certificate Free Google Slides theme by Slidesgo has a noticeable theme. The selection offers 32 different uniquely designed templates, including easy-to-creative graphics like graphs, maps, tables, mock-ups, and timelines.   

Free Graduation Ceremony Template 

graduation certificate

Make announcements about your graduation in an appealing style with this free graduation certificateWhether you’re a high school graduate stepping into the next chapter of your life or a college graduate ready to embark on your career journey, this template offers a seamless and convenient way to showcase your achievements.

Free Class Awards Certificates Templates for Google – Slidesgo

free award certificate templates for Google

 You need some playful designs. Then here you go! Here we have Free class awards certificates templates for Google by Slidesgo. These certificates have cute doodles and hand-drawn illustrations that can instantly catch the eyeballs of the audience. There are 29 different slides that you can use for presentations related to kindergarten & primary school. 

Free College Achievement Certificate Templates –

free college achievement certificate

These simplistic and sophisticated free college achievement certificate templates by Slidesgo are perfect for you if you wish to create something the makes your students feel proud and excites them. The golden color font and star badge make the certificate look royal and great for college-level courses.  

Free Certificate Templates for Google – Slidesmania

free certificate template for google

If you are organizing a specialized course or program that requires a printable certificate, then download these free Google slides templates for certificate by Slides mania. The templates spotlight the name of achiever, specialized program, date, and rank scored in a straightforward way that can easily be viewed in just a glimpse.  

Job Experience Certificate Template – By

Job experience certificate template google slides

 A job experience certificate is a crucial document for professionals who are resigning from their current job role and seeking a new job. This Job experience certificate template by Template.Net is formatted in a well-organized manner, highlighting the position of the individual in the company, duration of employment, and reviews regarding the employee and how well they performed their duties. You can download this Job experience template for just $2.99. 

Best Free Certification of Appreciation PowerPoint Template –

Best free certificate of appreciation PowerPoint template

Certification of Appreciation PowerPoint template by slideegg is a free presentation template that’s available in dark themes with the golden floral frame, which makes the template look outstanding. The template has an easy editing option; just edit the achiever’s name, date authorized executive signature, and you are ready to go.     

Free Certificate of Excellence Template for PowerPoint –

free certificate template for PowerPoint

Certificate of Excellence Free PowerPoint template by Template.Net is like an award for students who have performed outstandingly in an academic project or certain exam. The certificate template highlights the academy name, name of the student, school stamp, and seal, which makes the certificate look valid. The shield background and border make the certificate design look more amazing. 

Certificate PowerPoint Template –

certificate PowerPoint template

These certificate PowerPoint templates by Slidebazaar are an out-of-box design that the presenter can download to make awesome certificates and award presentations in PowerPoint. The blueish-colored frame with the winner’s golden badge makes the design look more rewarding and jubilant.   


 Monetary rewards aren’t just enough to appreciate your hard-working employees, students, team players and celebrate their accomplishments. Non-monetary recognition such as awards, certificates create emotional attachment and make it more memorable. Giving certificates creates a memory which they can hang on their walls or display on their desks.  

Whether you are managing a team or teaching a student, Certificates are a sincere and personalized way of saying “Thank You.”  

Download these free certificate Google slides themes a best and convenient way to recognize the hard work and success of others and show them gratitude for their exemplary performance.  

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