How to Cite Images in PowerPoint

How to cite images in PowerPoint

Why should I cite images? Not citing images in your presentation can get you in legal trouble. Yes! You heard it right. By using copyrighted images without permission, you could face legal trouble for copyright infringement. You might be forced to take down images or even owe money.

Citing an Images Importance 

Citing an image isn’t just about protecting yourself from copyright infringement. Its about acknowledging the hard work of creators by giving the credit for their work.

Moreover, it promotes transparency, adding citation showcases your research practices, builds trusts and fosters deeper understanding of your topic.

How to Cite Picture in PowerPoint

By following these ways, you can properly cite pictures in PowerPoint.

Box Citation in PowerPoint
Text Box Citation

Text Box Citation

Add a text box near the image and give the citation details. Remember to format the text box with different background color or border it to distinguish from rest of slide.

caption citation
Caption Citation

Caption Citation

Here the citation is given just below the image. The citation area is specifically designated as ‘’Caption’’. Here you can add title/description and other citation details.

figure numbering citation
Figure Number Citation

Figure Numbering Citation

Figure numbering style of citation should be considered when there’s lot of images added in presentation. First assign each images a unique number, at end of your presentation add a Reference section mention details of each number like – Figure 1. Netflix theme template. Image from

Final Words

By using these citation methods, you can properly credit the original source. Doing so keeps you on the right side of the law and also shows your audience that you’re using reliable sources, which builds trust and strengthens your presentation’s image.

Moreover, your audience can gain a deeper understanding of the topic by exploring the original sources of the images. Overall, citations help you be professional, avoid copyright infringement, and enhance the quality of your presentation.

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