Movie Theme Templates

Presentation often tends to be boring. Why not add the fun and excitement of watching a movie into your presentation with these super-creative free movie templates? Our selection includes templates related to trending movies, web series, etc.

Free Jumanji Movie Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Step into a world of adventure, excitement, and unexpected twists with our Free Jumanji Movie Theme Presentation Template. Just like the iconic board game itself, this template is designed to transpor

Free IMAX Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Are you tired of using ordinary templates that fail to captivate your audience? Do you yearn for a way to present your content in a visually stunning and immersive manner? Look no further! Check our F

Free Mission Impossible Movie Template

Get ready for an action-packed presentation experience like never before with the “Free Mission Impossible Theme Template.” Step into the world of espionage and mystery as you embark on an

Free Barbie Movie Theme Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

Unleash your inner creativity and charm with the enchanting Barbie Movie Theme template! Choosing a dull presentation template can excellent content look boring. So here we have a free Barbie movie th

Free Oppenheimer Movie Theme Template

Loved watching Oppenheimer movie, then SlideChef has got you a free Oppenheimer movie theme template, a dynamic and visually stunning tool designed to elevate your storytelling and captivate your audi

Free Titanic Theme Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Introducing our breathtaking Free Titanic Theme template, a tribute to the iconic luxury ocean liner that has captivated hearts and imaginations for decades. This free PowerPoint template is designed

Free Everything Everywhere All at Once Template PowerPoint

“Free Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a wildly imaginative and thought-provoking absurdist comedy-drama film template that takes viewers on an extraordinary journey through multiple

Free Google Slides Family Guy Template PowerPoint

Why just showcase your abstract ideas & data using bulleted points and make the presentation boring? Instead, make it super-interesting with this free Google slides family guy template PowerPoint.

Free Animated Simpsons Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

We all love watching cartoons & The Simpsons is an all-time favorite and the most controversial cartoon. Where kids enjoyed watching the characters, parents characterized the lead character as a p

Free John Wick Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

After two blockbuster prequels, John Wick is back with a fourth installment, which will be released on March 24, 2023. John Wick is an American hit neo-noir action thriller movie. In John Wick Chapter