Creative Central America Map Template – Free PowerPoint Presentation Google Slides

  • Central America Map Template
  • Central America Map


  • Central America Map Template
  • Central America Map

About the Template

America Outline Map Presentation Template

Get this editable Central America Map for PowerPoint templates and Google slides and display the major central American countries with ease. 

Using outdated black and white map in your presentation can be boring and your audience can lose interest. But don’t worry, enhance your visual storytelling with this colorful customizable map of Central America. 

So whether you’re creating school project on America’s geography, plotting a sales strategy or an environmentalist highlighting environment concern, this Free America Map template is your perfect tool. 

About Central America

The region that bridges North America and South America. The land packed with rich forests, volcanic wonders and combination of seven countries – Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

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