Free Google Slides Christmas Letter PowerPoint Template

  • Free Google Slides Christmas Letter


  • Free Google Slides Christmas Letter

About the Template

During Christmas, you might be busy with several chores, but don’t forget your loved and dear ones during the festive season. Instead, make it more loveable and special by sending letters to your families and friends with these free Google Slides Christmas letter templates. Easily share your seasonal news and company highlights in a well-structured and eye-catching format using Professional Newsletter templates.

Here you will get three different Christmas letter layouts, one with a white background and a glimpse of Christmas tree on the side; the second Christmas love letter template is in dark theme with ample text area and snow-covered ground with Christmas trees at the background and candy cane on the sides to make template look more appealing and thirdly the more creative Christmas letter board template with red ribbons stuck across the sides and a red ribbon bow on the corner. These Christmas letter templates are perfect for sending wishes, sharing thoughts, and much more. Also don’t miss our super cool Christmas backgrounds.

Find more amazing templates on Christmas themes here at our Free Google Slides Christmas templates library.

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