Family Feud Game Template: Free Download & Step-by-Step Guide

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  • family feud game template
  • family feud template
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  • how to play family feud
  • family feud survey questions
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Have you ever played engaging and interactive games to study material, build team morale, or simply have fun with friends and family? If not, then you’re missing out on good entertainment. The Family Feud game template adds a lot of fun and excitement to classroom activities also family game nights. This well-known quiz show from America has been entertaining the audiences for decades now.

You can add it to your classroom and even family or social gatherings with our free to download step-by-step guide. Our Family Feud game template allows to create a fun and friendly competitive atmosphere that encourages teamwork. The template includes all the essential slides and features to host a quiz game competition, compete with good scoring, strikes, and lastly, a final round of “The Fast Money.”

In this page, we will explain the process of using our Family Feud game template with a brief overview of how to customize and play the game. We will also provide tips on how to make the template engaging and fit your specific preferences.

Whether you are a teacher, event planner, or just someone looking to bring people together for laughter and friendly competition, this template is designed to be easy to use also adaptable to your specific needs. So, if you are ready to bring the excitement of Family Feud to your next social/family gathering or classroom activity, keep reading for our free download and step-by-step guide on how to use this fantastic game template.

Benefits of Family Feud Game Template

  • Family Bonding: The family Feud template provides family members with the opportunity to come together, interact, and make bonds with one other. As they interact with one another and come up with their answers, they build healthy relationships for everlasting memories.
  • Team Building: Playing interactive games like Family Feud for team building at your workplace encourages collaboration, communication, also friendly competition. This collaboration fosters a sense of unity, boosts morale, and strengthens working relationships, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Effective Communication: This entertaining game encourages effective communication among team members, be it among family members or colleagues. As they come up with answers, they share their knowledge and express their opinions. This makes them learn to work together towards a common goal.
  • Friendly Competition: A little bit of healthy and friendly competition spices things up and pushes every person to make effort and achieve the best in their life. Perhaps the best among all, this benefit makes using the Family Feud game template great for playing quiz games in family, classroom or office settings.
  • Stress Relief: Players analyze questions with moments of laughter and excitement. This relieves stress and makes them enjoy themselves.

What is a Family Feud Game Template?

A Family Feud game template is a pre-designed format or layout in a document. It mimics the format of the actual “Family Feud” game show. In addition, it includes all the essential elements you need to play the game.

Here is the list of the elements and how these are pre-formatted:

  • Survey Questions: These are a crucial component of this entertaining game that includes text boxes where you can input your own survey questions. It is designed for engaging participation and getting a variety of responses from them. These questions can typically cover a wide range of topics and are represented on the screen by the host.
  • Answer Board: A large board displaying the survey questions and their corresponding answers by teams is called an answer board. The answers in each section are hidden until and unless revealed by the host.
  • Team Setup: This element includes dividing participants into two teams, each consisting of a group of contestants. Each team comes up with a team name and an order for the participants to go in.
  • Scoring System: The Family Feud template comes with a built-in scoring system. This is a great method for keeping track of points earned by each team based on their answers to the questions. The team with the highest points at the end wins and the other team loses.
  • Host Instructions: These are guidelines for the host to follow, including how to conduct the game by presenting the questions and interacting with the game contestants. The instructions provide helpful tips and also reminders for the host during the gameplay.

These elements showcase how the Family Feud template comes pre-formatted with the game’s layout. The design makes it user-friendly and easily customisable. You can add your own survey questions, set up teams, track team’s scores, and host the game with confidence.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using a Family Feud Game Template

Playing the iconic Family Feud game using templates is completely different than how you would actually play in the quiz show. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to easily set up the Family Feud game template and use it. So, let us start!

1) Make The Question Slide For Regular Rounds  

Begin by creating the question slides for your Family Feud game. You can either create them from scratch or use a pre-built template available for download, as we have provided. You can download the template, go to slide Number 5, edit the Title, and Add your answers to Each table with a survey question and a list of possible answer options.

2) Add Survey Questions and Corresponding Answers 

Next up is to fill in your survey questions and possible answer options in the answer column on each game board slide. You can use the provided list of these sample survey questions or real survey data and come up with your own answers. If desired, you can even create your own.

Lastly, assign point values to each answer, with higher points given to more popular responses. Take your time to customize the template to suit your preferences. Change the fonts, colors, and layout to personalize the game.

3) Create a Slide For Face-Off Round  

Add a new slide for the face-off round. Include a question prompt at the top and two text boxes for the opposing contestants’ names.

4) Include the “Fast Money” Round (Optional) 

Make a slide for the “Fast Money” round. This round is optional. You can decide whether or not to play based on the preferences of your team. If played, you need to create a new question slide or simply use our pre-built template specifically for this round. Set a response time limit of 15 seconds for the first contestant and 20 seconds for the second contestant.

5) Save and Present the Game 

Once you have customized the template as you like, simply save the file to your device. When it’s time to play, open the saved file and present the quiz game to your participants.

6) Reveal The Answers 

The next step is to reveal the answers one by one after the contestants’ responses using PowerPoint animations.

7) Include Gameplay 

As you move forward with the game, you need to keep track of the contestants’ scores. You can either do it by appointing a scorekeeper and creating an interactive scoreboard in PowerPoint. If not, you can use SlideChef’s in-built gamification features to give points and view the leaderboard.

  1. Open SlideChef’s PowerPoint ribbon right before you start to play the Family Feud Game.
  2. Add your contestant/team’s name.
  3. Give points to contestants/teams during each Family Feud game round. For this, simply go to “My Classes” or “Name Picker” tab available right at the SlideChef’s toolbar while in PowerPoint slideshow mode.
  4. Access the leaderboard available at SlideChef’s toolbar right at the bottom of your screen meanwhile in PowerPoint slideshow mode. You can keep track of the scores and monitor them throughout the game.

8) Assign a Good Host/Moderator  

This is the last step of using a Family Feud Game Template. Simply, assign a host or moderator who will read out the questions and also perform the other tasks. This includes revealing the answers to the corresponding questions and keeping track of the contestants’ scores.

Tips for Creating Engaging Family Feud Game Content 

Creating engaging Family Feud game content makes the game even more fun, relevant, and enjoyable for all participants. Here are five simple and easy-to-follow tips.

  1. Select topics that are familiar to your contestants. Everyone will participate in the game and give answers.
  2. Use simple language and straightforward question prompts to make it easy for contestants to think of answers quickly.
  3. Include a variety of question topics to keep the game interesting. A balance of questions about entertainment, sports, food, and family life makes the game even more interesting.
  4. Encourage contestants’ active participation by dividing them into teams and fostering a sense of teamwork and friendly competition.
  5. Do not forget about including a fast money round for a thrilling finale.

Why Use Free Family Feud PowerPoint Template for Presentation

Finding a presentation template on a popular game show for FREE can be tricky. Being Free, our family feud-style PowerPoint template has numerous reasons why should you use it.

Interactive Template: Engage your audience with interactive elements that add to the excitement of the game show, making your presentation more memorable and enjoyable.

Creativity and Uniqueness: Our creative designers have designed the template to create a creative and unique look, ensuring that your content stands out and captures the attention of your audience. Play the game and captivate your audience’s attention.

Attention Grabbers: To make your presentation look stunning, our designers have added HD images and catchy icons. These elements capture and maintain the audience’s attention from the beginning, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your presentation. Being creative, this game design has professional appeal too.

100 % Easy to Edit: This template offers easy customization, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly add your questions and answers, modify the design and much more.


Using a Family Feud template is a fantastic way to add fun and excitement to your classroom teaching and family/social gatherings. It creates the most  engaging and interactive learning experiences. With our simple-to-follow guide and SlideChef’s Free Interactive Family Feud Template, you are ready to customize the template and fit your specific needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the free Family Feud game template and start planning your next game night or team-building activity. With this, you will leave a lasting impression on your participants!

Want to make a presentation more interesting? Try our Free Game templates library.

Disclaimer: The term Family Feud has been used for the purpose of identification only. The brand DOES NOT endorse or sponsor this template or Slidechef in any manner. Family Feud is a registered trademark of FremantleMedia.

Any & All Copyright belongs to FremantleMedia.

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