Step Board Game Template – Free Interactive Template

  • Playable board game template
  • Step board game template


  • Playable board game template
  • Step board game template

About the Template

Digital Board Game Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

Ditch boring templates! ‘’PowerPoint Presentations’’, the word reminds us of all blank slides with bulleted points, text heavy data. Why not make your next presentation, much interesting and fun by playing games. Yes, you heard right, ‘’Games in PowerPoint’’.

Enhance mood of your audience and make presentation engaging with this free step board game Google Slides and PowerPoint Template This digital board game changes the boring meeting room into an entertaining game room.

So, whether you want to make Fun Friday more interesting or want to turn PowerPoint night an ultimate fun, this PowerPoint game template is your ultimate tool.

Keep in mind for more fun download our Google Slides version. And to move the pawns, this template has to be used in Edit mode.

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