Top Free Google Slides Education Templates for Students & Teachers

Today’s education system isn’t the same as in the ’90s. It has tremendously changed. Today’s modern-day education concentrates more on enhancing the skills and knowledge of the students rather than scoring marks.

During ancient times students were just trained to live and survive in that era. But Modern-day education is aided with a variety of technologies, computers, and much more. It aims to specialize the students in every stream. These days, students are surrounded by modern technology even though they expect some dynamic visuals and content inside the school. According to the survey, slideshows in an academic presentation can attract the student’s attention and enrich the learning experience. If you are a student or teacher looking for some help on a presentation? Then here, we have added top free education templates to create a compelling lesson or present a research task.

Best Educational Templates to Checkout

As after COVID-19, schools are reopening virtually. You need interactive designs that can precisely convey your message with impact. Suppose you have a compelling idea to present with intriguing concepts. Then here, we have outlined some of the best Free Education templates. There’s no better visually available for teachers and students, unlike this.

To help you find some of the most engaging themes for your next presentation, we went through thousands of free, most popular educational templates and cut the list to 15 so you get the best of the best. And if you need further help with customizing each template and creating an interactive PowerPoint Presentation, the experts at Cheap Paper Writing are always ready to help.

Free Chalkboard Education Deck Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

Free Educational Google Slides Deck Template

With classroom’s shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers around the world are struggling to keep students engaged and focused on their lessons. If you are the one. Then, here we have Free Chalkboard Education Deck Google slides and PowerPoint templates using which you can create interactive and entertaining online classes within minutes. If you are a professor or teacher looking for attractive presentation slides then check these free Google slide templates for teachers.

Free Google Slides Certificate Templates and PowerPoint

free certificate template Google slides

Always appreciate your performing and deserving students as it helps in boosting their confidence. Reward the candidates and appreciate them for their excellent performance with these free Google Slides Certificate Templates and PowerPoint.

Education Pitch Deck Template Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

free education pitch deck

As a teacher, are you facing trouble in keeping your audience focused? Then here we have education Alpha pitch deck template free Google slides and PowerPoint templates that will catch the eye-balls of your students and blow their minds away. So, don’t settle with boring presentations that make your students daydream. But give them the reason to cherish these education alpha pitch deck template free Google slides and PowerPoint Templates.

Free Creative Educational PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides

Free google slides themes education template

Many presenters have faced the challenge with the audience composed of the students. Captivating the attention of the students is a real feat as they have their own peculiarities. Here at Slidechef, our expert designers love to create something unique that spellbinds your audience. This free creative educational template is surely going to enhance your teaching sessions as it is aided with high-quality graphics. You can use them over any presentation from any level to kindergarten to university lectures.

Free Google Slides Themes and PowerPoint Templates for Teachers

educational google slides and PowerPoint templates

Do you want to enhance your student’s attention, improvise their attention, or retain the subject? Then these free Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates for teachers are exactly what you need. With these Free templates for teachers, engage and delight your audience and make learning dynamic and attractive. This school background is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Free Geometric Lesson Teaching Powerpoint Templates and Google Slides

free teaching google slides and powerpoint templates

Instead of searching Google for hours to find education-related templates. This blog for free education templates can be a great source for finding stunning free education PowerPoint templates and Google Slides. Geometric or Mathematical lessons tend to be boring and unexciting. These free Geometric lesson teaching PowerPoint templates and Google slides aren’t the same as the name suggests. The supercool color schemes, stylish icons, and modish fonts make the template an ultimate tool to create an organized lesson plan without any problems. With these education designs, you are soon going to be popular.

Free Physics Thermodynamics Google Slides and PPT Templates for Education

school google slides template

Thermodynamics is an interesting subject. Make it even more compelling with these free physics Thermodynamics Google slides and PPT templates for education. Without the law of thermodynamics, you won’t be able to drive and enjoy your life. This creative teaching PowerPoint templates and Google slides conceptualize the law of thermodynamics and equilibrium, resulting in the inter-conversion of various forms of heat energy.

Coronavirus Prevention Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

free corona prevention deck template

COVID-19 outbreak has taken millions of lives worldwide. Vaccines are available, but prevention is still the ultimate cure. Measures related to hygiene, self-care, and prevention must be taken to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. This coronavirus prevention education background includes 19 slides focused on cure, prevention, and vaccination for coronavirus. The template is simple and elegant with cute animations and Aharoni fonts, enabling you to make customizations superfast. Spread awareness for battling against the coronavirus with these Corona Virus prevention Google slides and PowerPoint templates.

Back to School Education Theme Google Slides

back to school free google slides themes

Back to school education theme is a great template for teachers, including simple and creative 34 slides. The template has a school blackboard-themed background, which resembles the appearance of a school blackboard. The template includes vectorial shapes, maps, and 120 different icons, which you can easily customize without losing image resolution.

Eye Scanning Technology Teaching PPT template and Google Slide

free education ppt template and google slide

If you are from the medical stream, this eye-scanning technology teaching ppt template and Google slides are the right presentation deck. This medical presentation is ideal for a presenter who wants to feature their business and ideas creatively. The template features fantastic infographics, charts, world maps, SWOT analysis, and much more that are surely going to overwhelm your audience.

University Student Learning Google Slides Templates

free google slides powerpoint templates for educational presentation

Check out these elegant university student learning Google Slides templates, a perfect template to conceptualize any educational topic. The templates have a colorful stripe at the top and bottom with an image holder and white background, which gives the template a fresh and lively look. It’s a multipurpose template that goes well with any content type.

ABC Education Google Slides Themes

free google slides template education

ABC Education Google Slide is an entertaining and fun-filled presentation theme. The template includes ABC cubes and cartoonish graphics that can decorate your slides and make your presentation impressive. Use this ABC education Google Slides themes for any presentation related to kindergarten, nursery, or any primary school-related presentation.

Children Education Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

free education powerpoint templates for teachers

Get ready to start the new academic year with fun, excitement, and entertainment with these children’s education Google slides and PowerPoint templates. Welcome students with these cool slides and help them review concepts like goals, subjects, concepts, and the like.

Science Lesson Presentation Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Template

free science lesson google slides templates

Science is the most crucial and dynamic topic. Why not make it more interesting with these Science lesson presentation free Google slides and PowerPoint templates. With these science lesson templates, quickly implement your curriculum, design lessons, and create an exciting experience for your students. The template’s background has cute illustrations related to education which binds the audience to the topic.

Education Infographics PowerPoint Templates

free education infographics google slides templates

Are you a professor who has an upcoming lecture or a student who has a forthcoming speech? Or either is you related to the education sector? Then these education infographics PowerPoint templates are exactly what you need. Visuals are a crucial tool to make your points clearer and effective. Our education infographic templates offer a wide array of choices using which conceptualize the topic precisely.


When you browse Google for Free educational templates for teachers, you will find billions of free templates online. But those are limited in what they offer, and most are outdated.

To save your time and resource, we have outlined Top free education template for teachers and students to download. In this article, we have included an array of bright, colorful, modern and dynamic templates.

I hope you will find this Google slides useful for your next presentation. Comment down below which educational template you liked the most. Stay updated with the Slidechef blog with more articles related to top templates to download.

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