• Free Squid Game Card Template
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  • Free Squid Game Card Template
  • SlideChef instructions for use
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About the Template

Haven’t you seen an action-thriller, Survival Korean web series, Squid Game? Then you have missed an amazing web series. Each episode of the series leaves the audience in suspense and eager to watch the next episode.

The story of the Squid Game series revolves around a deadly game where hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to play deadly children’s games for a tempting prize.

The contestants are selected by playing a life changer card game. Here our creative designers have created a free squid game card template. This creative card template can also be used as a business card to give business details in a captivating way. So what are you waiting for? Make your business stand out with this super-cool squid game card template.

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Disclaimer: The term Squid Game has been used for the purpose of identification only. The brand DOES NOT endorse or sponsor this template or Slidechef in any manner. Squid Game is a registered trademark of Netflix Studios.

Any & All Copyright belongs to Netflix.

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