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Best Free Google Slides Poster Templates (Based on User Reviews)

Best Free Google Slides Poster Presentation Templates PowerPoint

Aren’t you designing posters for your business? Then you are missing a large share of potential clients.

These days, businesses continue to follow the trend and decide to go digital, paying for Google and Facebook ads – but these require heavy investment, and results are temporary.

Why publish ads when it’s going to get buried among a sea of competitors. Instead, why not make catchy posters with cutting-edge designs that will always be visible to your audience, more cost-effective, and will have a lasting impression on your audience.

Does your business require a poster printed for product promotion or the next ad campaign? Then here we have listed the best Google slides poster templates using which you can create a dazzling poster that will give you the extra edge you need.

Best Free Google Slides Poster Presentation Templates to Download 

With an incredible poster template, you can promote your business-like pro. An excellent poster aids in achieving your organizational goal. Posters are a winning tool that communicates in a way that draws huge attention. To ensure your product research is showcased in the most effective and digestible fashion, we have taken the time, researched, and listed the best Free Google poster template so you can communicate messages effectively.

Free Fitness Poster Template

trifold fitness poster

Want to promote your fitness course or market your gym services? Then, get this free Google Slides fitness poster template. It’s a simple poster that will stylishly exhibit your information.

Free Party Invitation Poster Template 

Event Invitation slides

Have you organized a bachelorette party or a marriage reception? Do you want to invite your friends and relatives to the grand celebration? Then, try out these free party invitation templates—an elegant invitation poster that your audience will love seeing.

Free Professional Business Poster Template

business flyers

All your business ideas and strategies will go in vain if you aren’t an expert in marketing. With these free business flyer templates, you can boost your next marketing campaigns. These business flyers can help you create excellent eye-catching marketing materials.

Free Yoga Poster Template

yoga class poster

“Yoga is the practice of quieting your mind.” Are you stressed? Do you want to stabilize your mind? Performing yoga can calm you down and provide mental and physical health benefits. If you are a yoga instructor or planning to start a yoga class, this free yoga poster template can help you promote your classes.

Free ICC World Cup Fixtures Poster Template 

icc world cup fixtures

The most awaited sports event is starting in a week. Stay updated with all the matches using these free ICC World Cup 2023 fixtures templates.

Free Medical Camp Poster Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

free medical camp poster

Organizing a medical camp is the best way to provide health services to masses and those who can’t afford them in a short span. If you are organizing a medical camp and want to advertise it, then this free medical camp poster template is the best way to do so. In addition, you can give a detailed description of the services you offer, timings and other crucial details. 

Free Gym Promotion Offer Poster Template PowerPoint & Google Slides

gym promotion offer template

There’s tough competition in the fitness industry, and if you plan to open a gym, you need the best offers and a creative poster that catches your audience’s attention. This free gym promotion offer poster is the best way to get started. Featuring an aesthetic bodybuilder on the side is surely going to motivate the public to take fit to the fat challenge.

Free Google Slides Shoe Sale Poster PowerPoint Template

shoe sale poster template

According to the Journal of research in personality claims, people can make an accurate first impression based on someone’s shoes. So if you are a shoe manufacturer launching a new shoe, try out using this free Google slides shoe sale poster template and launch your shoes with a bang. This shoe poster features a stylish shoe at the centre with ample text area where you can add details about the next sale.  

Free Gym Poster Google Slides & PowerPoint Template 

A great gym poster featuring an athlete doing cardio

Around 36% of the world’s population suffers from obesity, and it’s really a serious concern. Nowadays, everyone struggles hard to stay fit. And fitness industry is growing exponentially. Are you a fitness trainer or gym owner who want to promote its packages, programs, or offers? Then try out this free gym poster Google slides and PowerPoint template. The template features an athlete doing cardio. Get this gym poster and sell your membership like a pro. 

Free Google slides modern poster Design Template PowerPoint 

A modern style poster design mockup

Have you ever seen a poster and said, “wow”, what an amazing design! If not, then here we have something amazing designed for you. This Free Google slides modern poster design template has an attention-grabbing appeal that will surely turn your next marketing campaign into a winning one. 

Free Google slides real estate poster template PowerPoint

A create poster set for real-estate agency

Do you own a real estate agency or construction company? Then here we have some stunning designs for you. This real estate template is superb for presentations related to construction, architecture, real estate and so on. So if you are looking for any poster but can’t hire a professional designer, then get this real estate poster. 

Free Google Slides Corporate Business Poster Template PowerPoint

A business poster

As a designer, I know how challenging is to design a corporate poster. But don’t fret now with these free corporate business posters to promote your business, create brand awareness and launch your product or services like a pro. 

Free Google Slides Health Poster Template PowerPoint 

A medical poster design

“Health is wealth” good health leads to a successful life. Today everyone is more concerned about health than ever before. So if you are medicinal advisors, doctor and health consultant, then use this free Google slides health poster template PowerPoint and advertises your services or products to a wider audience. 

Free Google Slides Poster Templates

Free google slides poster template

If you are looking to exhibit your information in a captivating way, then here, we have Free Google Slides Poster Template. The templates come in  blue color scheme which makes them fit for a wide range of presentation applications.

Free Modern Poster Template on Google Slides

Free modern poster templates on google slides

Check out our modern poster template on Google slides with a sophisticated, ultra-modern, and unique design using which you can project your findings most engagingly. The template has a rose pink background with abstract shapes, which makes the poster look more appealing.

Product Poster Template Google Slides

Free product poster template Google slidel

Your product launch posters, promotional offers coupons need to captivating. Want to seize audience attention, then use these simplistic yet modern aesthetic designs. This free product poster template Google slides has a neon pink gradient background with captivating image placeholder, a perfect blend to make your poster go viral.

Free Blank Poster Template Google Slides

free blank poster template google slides

When you want to craft an imposing poster, you can’t go wrong with these Free blank Poster template Google slides. The slide is equipped with striking text holders and vector backgrounds that display your findings in a captivating and aesthetically pleasing manner.

 Free Research Poster Template Google Slides

free research poster templates Google Slides

Download our research poster templates Google slides and make your presentation worth the while. The template is available in four different gradient color schemes and includes the line, pie, and bar charts using which you can display statistical data precisely. This research poster is the ultimate option for teachers, professors, researchers, etc.

Research Poster Google Slides Templates

Free Research Poster Google Slides Templates

Our research poster Google slides templates provide the user the foundation to present the findings or research that captivates the audience’s interest. The poster includes sections like introduction, results, discussions, conclusion that can be of great use to give a detailed brief of your project.

E-Commerce Poster PowerPoint Templates 

E-Commerce Poster Template

Building a digital store wouldn’t be easier without the availability of eCommerce posters. If you looking for a fun and unique way to market your e-commerce business?  Then don’t look further, check out this awesome animated eCommerce poster! This amazing poster is the perfect way to get your message out there, especially about business, its functioning, etc. Moreover, it makes a great addition to any advertising campaign. This e-commerce platform PowerPoint template includes a collection of graphics, layouts and icons that shows the eCommerce platform. These animated posters give your viewers a set of engaging slides to view your information.

Animated Mobile Online Shopping PowerPoint Template 

Mobile Online Shopping PowerPoint Template

Are you a mobile phone manufacturer or deals on smartphones then do check out this mobile online shopping PowerPoint template. This mobile phone template is themed around a smartphone and a shopping cart using which you can give a detailed overview of your business, manufacturing, sales, marketing and logistics. The best of this template is it’s fully editable in PowerPoint, so you can customize text and colour to meet your needs.

Animated Social Media PPT Template Poster

Animated Social Media Poster PPT Template

Social media these days are the most prominent marketing tool. And if you own a digital marketing agency then this animated social media template poster is just for you. This social media poster contains 10 animated slides that display your social media data, information, and project details in an engaging and dynamic way.

Memphis Style Free Google Slide Poster Template

Memphis Style Free Google Slide Poster Template

Want to promote a product, service or event, but don’t know how to design a poster. Here we have an ultimate solution. Level up all your future projects with these Free Memphis style Google slides poster templates by Slidesgo. Our selection includes 33 different with which include graphs, maps, timelines, mock-ups, etc. These posters are super-easy to use and can match any sort of presentation theme.

Free Food Poster Template Google Slides

free food poster template Google slides

Do you own a restaurant or runs a canteen? Then try out these Free food poster template Google slides by Slidesgo. The poster picturizes delicious burgers, fries, pizza, hotdogs, seeing which your audience wouldn’t be able to resist their cravings and surely going to make a try. The poster design has yellowish and purple backgrounds, includes added textures with geometrical shapes in different colors, which creates lovely contrasts. So get ready to create menus, offers in style with these free food posters.

Free Research Poster Presentation Template for Google Slides 

free scientific research Google slides Poster templates

Give your research, finding, data a precise appearance with these free research posters by Free PowerPoint Templates. These research posters excel at presenting everything almost any type of research findings. Use these creative posters to the best of their abilities and create a poster you want regardless of the occasion.

s for free. These free PowerPoint scientific research poster templates by Mega Print Inc are widely used tools for the conference, seminars. This scientific poster summarizes the information’s in a concise and sophisticated way.

Free Billboard Poster PowerPoint Templates

Free billboard poster powerpoint templates

These free billboard poster PowerPoint templates by Make Signs are a newer style of scientific poster templates that brings out your message to a wider audience and creates an impact where they live, work. If you are launching a new product, name change, or just want to get a message out to a larger audience in a quick span of time, then billboard posters are the best advertising tools. The billboards are crafted in black, white, and purple backgrounds. You get space to add QR codes, brand logos, and text, making the poster look genuine.

Free PowerPoint Research Poster Templates

free PowerPoint research Poster template

Give your research findings an added value using these Free PowerPoint Research Poster templates by Poster Presentations. These research posters are available in different layouts, sizes, and color options. The template has clean and consistent layout image holders, bars, charts, and ample text areas where one can add research data.


Posters are the greatest way to communicate your information and draw attention. Designing a poster can be tricky, whilst finding it online will always be tedious. To rescue you from the daunting task, we have explored and listed loads of Free Google slides posters & PowerPoint templates from the internet. Use these Free posters and nail your next presentation with ease.

Which one are you going to use? Or have you found any other eye-catching posters on the web? Please share it in the comments down below.

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