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Do you have a presentation approaching soon? Want to make it a grand? Now it’s the time to impress your stakeholders, clients, or your audience and show them how professional and creative you are? 

For the audience, nothing can be worse than sitting in a presentation that’s curated using dull slides. Keeping your audience engaged as the story flows is a real challenge. Luckily you have clicked the right link; here, our experts have handpicked some of the elegant presentation slides that will assist you in creating an on-trend presentation in no time.

Here in this article, we have shortlisted the best free PowerPoint templates from around the web. Now with these free PPT templates, grab the attention of your folks, delight them and be memorable. If you have a presentation approaching soon? 

Top PowerPoint Templates to Download

PowerPoint is still the go-to presentation software for many people. And even though there are some new and interesting alternatives out there, PowerPoint remains one of the best options available. 

If you’re looking for templates to use in your next PowerPoint presentation, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll share with you some of the best PowerPoint templates that you can download and use in 2022. 

All these templates are modern, stylish, and sure to make your presentation look great. So, whether you’re creating a business presentation or a personal slideshow, be sure to check out these great options!

Free Netflix PowerPoint Template

Netflix theme presentation template

The initial 60 seconds can make or break your presentation. If you are looking to hold your audience’s attention, then nailing at the start of the presentation will make your presentation succeed. Download this free Netflix PowerPoint template & Google slides and set the tone that entertains your audience and eventually convinces them to believe in your ideas. 

Free Squid Game Template

Squid game theme template

Interested in web series or movies, then try out using this free squid game template PowerPoint and Google Slides. Squid game is an interesting South-Korean drama series with over 143 million viewers on Netflix. The template comes in a dark colour background with bright colour vectors and cliparts, making the template look more appealing. 

Free Spiderman Template PowerPoint and Google Slides

Spiderman theme presentation template

Spiderman is one of the most recognizable superheroes in the world. And if you are a crazy fan of Spider-man or superheroes, then you will love these designs too. This superhero template is packed with 12 spiderman theme designs which make your presentation look more engaging and entertaining. 

Free Amazon Template PowerPoint

Free Amazon theme template

Jeff Bezos and Amazon brand is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and corporates. Use this free amazon template and engage with your clients. This professional template includes a mission and vision template, timeline designs, graphs and charts, world maps and much more. 

Free Classroom Background Template

Classroom background templates

PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides aren’t just used by corporates; it’s a prominent tool in the educational sector too. During college lectures and school lectures, everything can’t be explained verbally. Suppose you are making a school presentation and want to make it more interesting for your students, then try out using this free Classroom background. 

Thank you Slide PPT 

Thank you slide cover image

One of the most overlooked parts of a presentation is thanking the audience. If you thank the audience for their presence and acknowledge everyone who helped in making the presentation possible. Adding thankyou slides at the end of the presentation makes a significant impression on the audience.  

Free Maths Background Template PowerPoint

Maths Background

Making lessons interactive for students can be really daunting. Are you finding it hard to keep students interested in your lessons? Then don’t stress; this free maths background template is created for you. No matter the presentation topic, we have everything included, from introduction, conclusion, and all things you may need to draw an amazing math presentation. 

Free Galaxy Aesthetic Template

galaxy aesthetic template

Stars, galaxies, and planets always fascinate us. Now make your presentation shine like a star and bring your ideas to the universe with this free galaxy aesthetic template. This cool galaxy template is packed with 15 astonishing slides, including rockets, planets & spacemen, that will surely enhance the look and feel of the template. 

Free Corporate Presentation Template

Corporate PowerPoint Templates

Do you know what’s the secret behind a successful business presentation? Are its appealing factors. Visuals play a dramatic role in an intriguing audience. And these Free corporate presentation templates are best for projecting your ideas, business tactics in a magnificent way. Our corporate presentation templates 13 professionally designed templates that cater to several business needs.

Delicious PowerPoint Templates 

Food PowerPoint templates

If you are running a restaurant or hospitality business, these delicious PowerPoint templates are designed for you. You can create presentations related to food recipes and chef’s special dishes in a cookery show or in exhibitions using these food templates. Moreover, you can promote your business in social media, magazines using these artistically designed templates.

Free Comic Book Templates for PowerPoint

Comic PowerPoint Templates

Usual PowerPoint designs fail to attract the interest of the audience? Want something tempting to arrest audience focus? Comic book templates for PowerPoint is the only way to impress your audience. The cartoonish illustrations, typography, speech bubbles make the content clear and highly visible to the audience.

Company Profile PowerPoint Templates

Company Profile PowerPoint Templates

Brand building is the initial business step. Presenting your company in front of others is crucial in building a brand. Such type of presentation gives an overview of a business. So, get ready to create a brand identity in a business meeting, seminar using these company profile PowerPoint templates. Our pitch deck template consists of about us page, agenda slides, Financial year report layouts, SWOT analysis diagram, bar chart, doughnut charts, and everything else required to give a detailed business overview.

Four Stage Free Infographic Templates Four Stage Infographics templates

Want to tabulate your information in an organized format? But don’t want custom-tailored default PowerPoint slides? Then here we have four stage infographic templates, a stunning PowerPoint design that is flexible and can be used by professionals from any industry.

Free Startup Pitch Deck Template

Pitch Deck Templates

Startups are in their initial stages of business and are generally funded by its founders or investors. It’s really tough to attract investors. But these eye-catching startup pitches deck templates will surely prove effective in securing investment. It will accelerate or boost up your appeal.

Social Media Marketing Free PowerPoint Templates 

Social Media Templates

We live in a digitalized world, social media is a prominent tool to stay connected with the outer world. Almost 90% of the world’s population is using social media. Therefore, it can be a perfect spot to market product services. So, use these social media marketing templates to start an online marketing campaign, generate SEO reports, and so on.

Spring Free PowerPoint Templates  

Best Free PowerPoint Templates

Colour can have a great impact on the appeal of your presentation. A bright colour scheme can distract your corporate audience and sometimes even be unpleasing. Using these Spring PowerPoint templates you can add cherish effect and glossy touch to your presentation. Spring season and shredding leaves is a mesmerizing experience for most of us. And these spring PowerPoint templates resemble the appearance of the same. So give your presentation a catchy appearance with these spring free PowerPoint templates.

Alpha Free Pitch Deck Powerpoint Templates 

Best Free PowerPoint Templates

Want to stand out in the corporate crowd with investments. Then here we have alpha free pitch deck PowerPoint templates, which gives your presentation a professional aura. Moreover, often there is a misconception that free PowerPoint templates can’t match the norms of the corporate world. But here its an end for such misleads. Now generate funds, attract clients, project business ideas, and tactics in the most professional way with these Alpha free pitch deck PowerPoint templates.

Free 3D Pie Chart PowerPoint Templates  

Free chart PowerPoint Templates

Visualizing of statistical data is really an arduous task. So here, we have 3D Pie chart templates which depict your data in a clear and crispy way and even make it easy for the audience to interpret the information with the aid of statistical tools rather than explanatory documents.

Why Do We Creative PowerPoint Templates?

Do you have a presentation approaching soon at your work, school? Want t make it a grand event? Now it’s the time to impress your stakeholders, clients, or your audience and to show them how professional and creative you are? Often there is a dilemma amongst the presenter to design templates from scratch opt for the ones available online. But due to hectic schedules and workloads, they often settle with default PowerPoints. But do remember your hard work on your content, and excellent communications will go in vain due to poor visuals. Default visuals fail to engage with the audience.

For the audience, nothing can be worse than sitting in a presentation that’s curated using dull slides. Keeping your audience engaged as the story flows is a real challenge. You might be imagining if you have a list of modern and stylish presentation templates. Luckily you have clicked the right link; here, our experts have handpicked some of the elegant presentation slides that will assist you in creating an on-trend presentation in no time.


But due to the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown, many individuals, professionals, and even industrialists have suffered losses. In times of such crisis, investing in presentation templates or buying premium membership can’t be affordable for many newbies and young entrepreneurs. Many professionals take the tedious task of designing from scratch in such cases. But you lack the designing skills and strapped for time; then, it can really go wrong. So streamline the task by starting with fully editable premium quality Free PowerPoint templates listed in our blog. It will make you stand out, look professional, save time, and above all, it doesn’t it’s available for free.

Do you hesitate to address your audience as you are a newbie or don’t have designing skills? But don’t fret without investments, and with photoshop knowledge or designing skills, you can craft presentations in a splendid way and even before the deadline. Download the best free PowerPoint templates from our blog, handpicked by experts.

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