Best PowerPoint Night Ideas That Will Rock the Show with Fun Activities and Topics

Several things cause anxiety in individuals, and one such is PowerPoint night. Between coming up with creative ideas and making the presentation look outstanding, it’s no wonder everyone has dreaded this assignment. The PowerPoint presentation seemed boring, but the coronavirus outbreak changed our perception. With an inability to attend or host in-person parties, dinner parties, graduation parties, business conferences or any kind of party – it doesn’t mean we have to stop gathering to celebrate or just have a good time together completely.

During times of global lockdown, when everyone is trapped in their rooms. Enjoying time together over PowerPoint night, Zoom or other video chat services can be the ultimate option until we can gather together in person again.

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According to my personal experience, PowerPoint nights with friends were my favorite COVID-safe activities.

What is PowerPoint Night?

Colleagues enjoying presentation

If you are here, then I am sure you might have heard of PowerPoint night or know one friend who has partaken in PowerPoint night. It’s one of the best things that came out during the quarantine. After that, it has blown up on every platform for its risqué and entertaining topics.

“PowerPoint party” is a newer and more entertaining way to interact with the individuals in the time of COVID-19. It’s an event where the attendees craft and give presentations on topics of their choice. Presentations can be related to anything from personal interests, hobbies, recently watched movies or about the adventures you had.

PowerPoint night is child’s play and is as simple as it sounds. Just gather your friends together in-person or over apps such as Zoom, Google meet, and whatever topic they like.

How PowerPoint Nights Idea Got So Popular? 

The global lockdown has turned people creative and made a jest presentation, remaining popular despite the pandemic nearing its end. As a result, powerPoint parties started to stave off boredom. And thanks to social media, it’s where the PowerPoint parties took off because in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, people can easily share PowerPoint made with others.

Few Best PowerPoint Night Ideas That’ll Steal the Show with lot of fun activities and ideas

Looking for unique ideas for your next PowerPoint night? Check out these creative ideas that will make your event memorable. From themed nights to interesting activities, there is something for everyone here. So, get started planning your next PowerPoint night today!

Use Doodle Arts

Use Doodle Arts

Do you like art, hand-drawn elements & funny designs? Then this lovely chalkboard doodles template is for you. This doodle template features doodles and hand-drawn icons drawn over a blackboard. This animated doodle template is based on an educational theme which is perfect for school presentations. This template resembles a blackboard with lots of doodles: bulbs, human illustrations, infographics and much more. Isn’t it creative? Get this animated doodle and enhance the overall look of the template.

Add Some Cool Effects to Your Presentation

Cool summer designs

Who doesn’t like summer vibes? Having ice-creams and chilling on the beaches. If you want to give a refreshing vibe to your presentation, then add some cool designs to your presentation which include a pleasing colour scheme, colourful icons and much more. Add some cool effects to your presentation and take your audience on a trip to the Caribbean beach with a margarita in their hands.

Have Some Unique and Creative Theme with fun activities

Unique and Creative Theme

We all love decorating our house and office walls. If you want to showcase the creative side of yourself then wall decoration will be the perfect option. With such unique and innovative designs your audience is surely going to get engaged in the project.

Use Retro Style powerpoint

Retro style theme

Whether it’s related to dressing, fashion or looks, retro style is trending. Retro fashion is a style of dressing derived from vintage fashion. Give your next presentation appearance that’s a blend of modern and retro design as well as add bright colours of the ’80s which will make your audience nostalgic.

Which Spiderman Character Are You For Your Next PowerPoint Night ?

Spider Characters

You will nail at this topic & out of the above, you will come out on top of PowerPoint night. There’s nothing more fun than putting the pieces together that your friend looks exactly like The lizard or Doctor Octopus. Add cartoon characters for grabs too. Don’t limit yourself by thinking about Spiderman characters.

Which Cartoon Character do Your Friends Fit Into for having fun activities

Image of cartoon characters

Everyone loves cartoons; who doesn’t. A few of my friends imitate exactly some cartoon characters. My best friend and I are the human forms of Tom & Jerry. Such topics are going to make the presentation interesting and hilarious. Such a topic takes physical similarities one step further as substances are added to the argument.

Cute Videos of Pets

Pets playing with its owners

Honestly, who doesn’t love watching cute videos of pets? When I am stressed out, I watch cute Pitbull videos. Add your pet videos to the presentation and tell a cute story about your dog. Throw some dog memes, and you are all set to entertain everyone.

What Would You Do if You win a lottery?

Money falling from sky

It’s interesting to know the audience’s desire. And best topic can be, “What would you do if you win the lottery?” for a PowerPoint night. And I am certain you will get amusing answers. This idea will be fun to listen to, but it will also be interesting to create.

Predict Your Friend’s Future

Predict Friends Future

It’s fun to predict friends’ futures. Often we did in parties. Let’s add some interesting memes and gifs and predict the future of your friends. Whatever floats in your boat, put in the PowerPoint.

Discuss the Best

PowerPoint parties are hosted for fun and entertainment. Discuss the topic which entertains the most. You can create a PowerPoint presentation related to The Best (Fill in the blanks). You can discuss the Best Netflix series, favourite Marvel superhero, loved cartoon characters, and more. Such types of topics create fun discussions among friends. You can check our Free Business Templates library for the latest trending series templates.

How to Choose a Good Presentation Topic

Nothing can be worst than sitting in a boring presentation, especially when you aren’t interested in the presentation topic. The presentation topic or subject is what amuses your audience and keeps them on the edge of their seats. However, finding a presentation topic can really be a daunting and confusing task. To simplify your task, we have added a few considerations you must know:

  • Audience: Understanding your audience type is halfway through a successful presentation.Image of an manager looking at screen Always consider your audience’s demographics, interests, and common grounds before opting for the topic of the presentation and try to connect them based on their interests, beliefs, and backgrounds.
  • Interests: If you are interested and passionate about a topic, then you will be keen to know more about it. The interesting topic gives a head start to your research phase.
  • Purpose: Decide what you want from your audience after the talk; you want them to act upon or just give an overview.

Want to wow at your next powerpoint night?

With the world in quarantine and restrictions on gathering and meeting. It’s time to start thinking about how you can help your friends; colleagues interact uniquely this year. One idea is hosting an annual PowerPoint Party! These types of parties are perfect for gatherings large or small, as they do not require much work on behalf of the hostess to prepare. Here are some tips about PowerPoint Night Ideas that will make sure yours goes off without a hitch to get started planning your event. Have you hosted one before? What did you think? Share these ideas with other party-goers who may be looking for new ways to ring in the holidays.


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