Captivate Your Audience with Pecha Kucha Presentation

Looking out for ways to make your next presentation stand out? Got bored of the usual presentation style? Research has shown a fact that 79% of the audience agree that” most presentations are boring.” So, how to make your presentation interesting? How to make your audience glued to their seats and focus on the topic? The perfect way to get your audience involved with your presentation is by trying Pecha Kucha’s presentation style.

What is Pecha Kucha Presentation? 

Pecha Kucha is an innovative and effective presentation method that drastically transformed the way presentations are delivered. It’s a way that shares your ideas in style and promotes creativity, efficiency, and effective communication of ideas.

Pecha Kucha presentations often follow a fast-paced and visually engaging style. For example, in a Pecha Kucha presentation, the speaker uses a specific format of 20 slides, each displaying for exactly 20 seconds. This means that the entire presentation lasts for 6 minutes and 40 seconds. In addition, the format encourages brevity and conciseness in communication, forcing presenters to distil their ideas into a limited timeframe.

Origin of Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha style of presentation originated in Tokyo in 2003 by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham with the aim to bring together fellow architects to exchange ideas and showcase their works in concise, short-format design.

Fans of alternative presentation styles soon started adopting the Pechakucha presentation system. This presentation style became so popular that it inspired Pecha Kucha nights across 500 cities around the world, where audiences gathered in the venues to watch presentations.

Tips for Creating Pecha Kucha Presentation 

Creating a Pecha Kucha presentation is easy. If you’re interested in creating one, apply the following tips to make it much easier.

  • Say Topic in Presentation: While giving Pecha Kucha a presentationit’s crucial to have a topic that’s short, concise, and straightforward. If you try to include a lot in your presentation, you will not say anything.
  • Don’t Use Text-Heavy Slides: It’s recommended not to use text-heavy slides, especially in Pecha Kucha presentations. As each slide is just displayed for 20 seconds, your audience won’t be able to read more than a few words on each slide. So don’t include any more than that. Instead, try to add more creative and imagery design.
  • Tell a Compelling Story in Presentation: Engaging with the audience in six minutes is impossible without an interesting story. Research shows that a compelling story can make the audience pay closer attention, no matter the format.
  • Be Thorough at What You Are Presenting: The best way to be confident is to understand the topic thoroughly. Pecha Kucha’s presentation isn’t just about the content and the slides. The presenter needs to be greatly knowledgeable about the topic. Making your points quickly is easier when you are passionate about the topic. So choose a topic that interests you, and you can speak with no effort.
  • Timing is Everything: Pecha Kucha’s presentation is all about timing. As the presentation lasts just for 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the fast flow and inability to delay means you should know the topic by heart. You need to learn speech word by word. That’s why we recommend you go through a presentation at least a minimum of three times to ensure you stay on track.


Your audience might have gotten bored of the usual presentation style, or you might be in short of time to present your topic; then Pecha Kucha’s presentation style is what you should try. The introduction is what can differentiate you from other presenters. Check out our blog on How to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation Like a Pro. You give your presentation a kickstart.

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